Thursday, 13 January 2011

A rainy afternoon

Its grey, misty and rainy today. But mild. No ice, no snow, so no complaints.  I went out with Louise, a young pioneer sister, this afternoon.  We called on my last route call for January.  He seemed pleased to see us and said he liked one of the articles in the last set of magazines so much he has lent it to his daughter.  It was about Christian neutrality.  I failed to find Daniel again.   The lady at the flat I thought was his said she had never heard of him. So there is a puzzle.  But she took the current magazines - about the Garden of Eden and what it means to all of us - and I can call back.
I posted the card to Janet B- got the news she had broken her leg yesterday!    And also one to Bob and Helen, hoping we can get together this year.  

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