Sunday, 23 January 2011

A Knight in Shining Armour

We were out in the uncharted wilds of Surrey late afternoon when the Captain's car hit a giant pothole shortly after we left the assembly and a tyre was shredded.  He pulled into a sort of driveway with a vast pair of locked gates and rang the AA.

The AA man could not find us on his maps (I used the word 'uncharted' wisely).

"But where are you exactly?" he kept asking.

We kept trying to explain.

"So you are out in the middle of nowhere?"

We kept trying to explain.

Eventually, we managed to work something out.  And the AA conjured up a shining Knight of the road who actually knew where "Bones Road" was.   (And I now worry that I know why it is called "Bones" road -  breakdown there, and all they find is your bones, some years later.)

Our AA hero fixed the car in a jiffy, not at all phased by the arrival of a very large and glossy lorry full of expensive showjumpers that wanted to get in the driveway we were blocking.

And we were able to deliver our precious cargo - Jean and Audrey - safely home.  And ourselves too.

The Circuit Assembly's theme was "They are no part of the world" - John 15:19

The importance of being separate from the current world system of things cannot be overstated.

I have a lot to think about and to try and improve on.  A lot.  

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