Thursday, 20 January 2011

Hello Caroline

Thanks for the comment from the Canadian Branch about my eyelash problem.  Quite a shock.  Even I hadn't got round to worrying about my eyelashes.   Two cases in a week...  Perhaps its a strange new virus - aaarrrgh!

Well I can only hope they will behave themselves from now on and grow in the right direction.

Maggie and I were out on the doors this morning, and we called in at the Pharmacy for her prescription on the way back.  And the Man Who Came To Tell us About The New Central Heating Boiler came.  Apart from that it was a quiet day.

It has been cold, but very beautiful - blue skies, calm Channel.

Jackie came over for a curry last night.  I wonder if we would have settled down here quite so well if Jackie hadn't been living just around the corner.   Its nice to make such a good friend later on in life.  Its thanks to Bruce for introducing us... we do often think and talk about him, and Jackie still has some of his wonderful photographs on her walls.

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