Saturday, 8 January 2011

A Saturday in retirement

Captain B hobbled off to his conference (Treasure Hunting, not Butterflies) and I went to the group. Jean and I did an hour and a quarter on the door to door work.  We found a few in, but nobody who wanted to talk to us. And we both did some route calls (our regular magazine deliveries).  I am hoping I might be able to finish mine tomorrow, weather permitting.  But it was nice to spend the time together and to give people a chance to hear.
I shopped - got some mushrooms for a soup for tonight - and did some housework.   And read the latest Susan Hill Simon Serrallier thriller.  Good, kept me turning the pages, but bleak. She doesn't mind who she kills off.
I wonder if , when I was working, I wouldn't have fitted all I did today (and more) round a full day's work. Which is a troubling thought. 
I tried to Skype Anne on The Cape, but couldn't get through. I left a message to say I would try again tomorrow.
Captain B had a wonderful time at his conference.  It seems that most archeologists these days are lovely young girls...   Has this woman's lib thing gone too far?

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