Saturday, 3 July 2010


Our visitors have now left - Julia yesterday afternoon, heading back up North before her return to Expatland, and Philip and Seppi left at lunchtime, heading back over the English Channel any time now.

It was lovely to see them all and it sort of worked out well having them at the same time (i can only hope it did for them).  And Jacks came over last night to join us for a roast chicken dinner.

We could do with another bedroom really, but short of Captain Butterfly (with his metal detector hat on) finding a Viking hoard or me writing a bestseller - thus enabling us to buy and expand into the flat upstairs - it isn't going to happen.

The four of us had a Skype chat with Bea this morning and then walked on the beach - a lovely morning too - and El Capitano has already left to butterfly on Cissbury Ring.  I am starting to tackle the washing mountain, reading a book about Everest, and chilling out.  I won't have to think about food or cooking for the next couple of days as the fridge is full.

I am not bothering to watch Wimbledon this afternoon as the outcome seems so predictable, but we are looking forward to the men's final tomorrow.

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