Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Packing again

We are off up North again tomorrow for the wedding at Lilac Tree Farm. The weather has changed today, its very cloudy. I am busy using up all the leftover veggies in a soup/stew for lunch and we go to a concert tonight with Jackie.  As it is our wedding anniversary, we are all having dinner at an Italian restaurant first.

Audrey and I did some first call work yesterday morning - delivering invitations to the upcoming 'Remain Close to Jehovah' Convention in Brighton.   And we also did some return visits - one of which proved to be very good as the lady we talked to said she would like to come to the Hall again for the public talk.

She liked what she heard.

And I took Audrey to the bank.

We walked in our local woodland in the afternoon - and shopped.

Retirement would be almost perfect, if it weren't for worrying health issues, and of course the 'increasing of lawlessness' worldwide, which is worrying, if expected - by those who pay attention to the Creator.   I was just reading the book by the Central Park Jogger - the lady who was so brutally attacked in Central Park and left for dead.

She is a tiny little thing, and it is amazing how she survived and what a recovery she has made.

Could I in similar circumstances?

Only - ONLY - if Jehovah helped me.  Not otherwise.  I don't have anything like her inner strength.   But I am very glad she has felt able to tell her story.

One interesting thing is that she - her name is Trisha Meili, and her book is 'I am the Central Park jogger' - remembers nothing about the attack.  She remembers turning down a dinner invitation from a friend at 5 o clock on the day of the assault - and then nothing until nearly six weeks later.  

That is how badly she was battered.   But at least the attack itself can't stay in her mind and hurt her - it is the damage it did her that she has to deal with - plus the affect on her family and friends.

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