Friday, 23 July 2010

A new baby

We have a new love object in Vic the Vapourer moth - see the Captain's Log - although we haven't quite agreed on his/her name as yet.  He is very pretty, is eating his leaves in his little box, and was found crawling up our wardrobe.

The Captain is busy taking photographs of Vic in various cute poses - while I am knitting him a little woolly chrysalis for the winter.

He may be a cunningly disguised carpet moth - as in 'I will vapourise your new wool carpets' - but if so, please don't tell Captain Butterfly.

I had coffee with Audrey this morning - tea, strictly speaking - and Jean popped in this afternoon with wine and chocolates and biscuits and a thank you card for Col from her and Maggie.  He came to our rescue on Friday when I was unable to drive (I could hardly walk) and took them to Brighton.  

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