Monday, 5 July 2010

Through the Looking Glass at Southwater

Hopefully there will be a wonderful portrait of a silver-washed fritillary, looking very determined and very Alice in Wonderland on my blog today, if Captain B remembers.

It puts me in mind of the Bread and Butter fly in Alice.

If you see it there, please think of the artistry and engineering that went into its creation.  Could something as wonderful as that really come about by a series of random accidents? 

The woods were alive with butterflies - they frilled and fluttered in every sunny corner.   We met 4 fellow enthusiasts, two pretty young girls and their horses (Shadow would have been thrilled to see horses - and woods) and a middle aged gentleman walking his two middle aged dogs.   Well, the dogs were more than middle aged. They were slow and elderly, like me on a bad arthritis day.  But given that there are baby deer in the woods, I was glad they weren't active dogs who were likely to go into hunting mode.

I have done nothing since - been lying on the sofa reading an absorbing biog of Tony Hancock, but hope to go off and do my studies now.

Captain B is in the kitchen making his ginger beer.

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