Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Layers of colour

The Channel is a sparkling blue with a few white frills.  The green is no longer green but gold (we need some rain), and then there is a layer of bright reds on our balcony as all the geraniums are flowering.  Its wonderful to sit here and watch it. I am just about to take myself out onto the balcony for my studies.

Audrey and I were out doing return visits this morning.  We didn't find anybody at home, but it was still satisfactory as we were able to deliver invitations to the upcoming District Convention in Brighton.  This year it is:   How Can You Draw Close to God?

This is something we all need to do with increasing urgency as the present system of things on the earth comes to its end.

And I shall be driving us this year...   very nervous about that.

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