Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Scooter Redux

The Berlin Walls between dog and cats and cat and cat are still in place, so we shared a bedroom and a catflap with Scooter.   She seemed to have forgiven and forgotten my kicking her off the bed last time we stayed - by accident I must quickly add in case I have any RSPCA lurkers! - and she woke me up every morning at about 5 to fetch her an early breakfast. 

I would be woken up by little claws pressing gently against my foot, then she would amble up to my arm and there would be a soft head butt and a purr.    And I would stumble out of bed and fill her saucer up with cat biscuits.

However, it all went wrong last night.  We were woken up at about 3.30 by Scooter chasing around our suitcase in hunting mode - and it turned out there was a baby mouse cowering behind the suitcase.

While i ran round like a headless chicken screaming Don't Panic, Don't Panic, Captain B surged manfully to the rescue.   I tried to distract Scoot with an extra early breakfast of cat biscuits, while he opened the door to the garden and tried to persuade the mouse through it.   Not to be fooled, Scooter made a run at it, so I grabbed her tail and Col grabbed her by the scruff.

The mouse got away and Scoot ran under the bed.

And I can see it only too clearly from the Scooterian viewpoint.   There she was, about to enjoy a midnight snack, when these two brutes in her bedroom suddenly attacked her...

Will she ever speak to us again?

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  1. I can report that Scooter came in as usual that evening, spent half an hour doing exaggerated starts and dives under the bed, then she bit me and got down to the biscuits. Ollie chased Daisy (senior cat) into the bedroom, was greeted with an inflated balloon of clawed fury, went 'Cat? I see no cat,' and made a diplomatic retreat.