Saturday, 24 July 2010

On the doors with Jean

On the doors with Jean this morning.   We met a very cross lady at one door.  'I can't believe' she snapped 'that i have had to lock up five - five! - dogs just to answer the door to you Jehovah's Witnesses'.

My thought was that, given she had  five dogs, she would always have to lock them up when someone rang the door bell, not just us.   Its kind of a lifestyle choice, not really the fault of the unfortunate bell-ringer.

However, we didn't say that as we are not there to upset people.   As far as we could tell, she is worried by the blood transfusion issue.  Perhaps she thinks that we might become very numerous and powerful and try to stop people having them?    If she would have talked to us, we could have set her mind at rest.  

As Christians we try to be 'no part' of the world - we don't even vote - so we have no political power or influence and can't force anyone to do anything.   All we can do is ask people to listen to us.  If they don't want to, that is it. We go away. We wouldn't want to force anything on anyone anyway. What would be the point of that?  It certainly would not be Christian to do so.

So I felt sad she wouldn't let us explain.  But overall we had a lovely morning and managed an hour and a half out there. It was very hot. And I hope we can work together next week.

I got back to find that Captain Butterfly had flown the coop.  In spite of his bad knee, he has gone off on a butterfly hike.  So I very lazily lunched off a packet of crisps, a choc ice, and a cup of tea - a bit like a child let loose in a sweet shop.  A rather elderly child of course

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