Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The perfect frame

We went to the Frame Shop in Durrington and found the perfect frame for Dan's picture.  Dan - the groom - made us a present of an abstract he had painted - the one that Col uses as a screen saver.  Which was a lovely surprise, as we had intended to buy it along with one of Gabi's.   But we have to agree on a Gabi picture - so far we both like different ones. We are waiting for the one that we can agree on.  There can only be one unless we buy a bigger flat as we have limited wall space.

Anyway, we went to the shop.  We tried this frame and that frame.  Some clearly did not work. Some would do... but...

Then the guy said that he had got some rather unusual frame in this morning - and he brought it out to show us.  It is absolutely perfect. 

We get the picture back in a week and then I will ask El Capitano to photograph it, and put it up on my blog, and you can see if you think I am right.  I can't wait to see it.

That is such a good shop - and not expensive either.   The last time we went was with the enormous landscape that Brian did.  And once again we tried this frame - we tried that frame - some did not work - some were OK - then I looked round a corner in the shop and found a distressed cream frame that was just right.

Audrey and I were out on the doors yesterday - and had a good morning.  I found two people who I had been looking for since April.  I have called many times but they have never been at home.  One is already talking to us on a regular basis, so I can now safely leave that, and the other, a gentleman who recently lost his wife says he is going away for a month but we can call on him when he gets back.

I can't pretend I detected any wild enthusiasm, but who knows?

Then I took Audrey to the shops.  The traffic was awful - so I got lots of trialsome traffic dilemmas to (hopefully) hone up my driving skills.

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