Monday, 12 July 2010

The Wedding at Lilac Tree Farm

Back to Saturday, which was hot sunny, a perfect July day of blue sky and clouds.

Is there something special about July clouds?

The wedding went very well - the gardens at the Farm looked so lovely - and were decorated with ribbons and balloons.  I was once again the proud aunt of the bridegroom, Dan, who looked dashing, and a proud aunt-in-law of Gabi, the bride, who looked lovely.

We arrived at midday and took Gabi's parents to the Registery Office.  They are so young!  I haven't yet adjusted to being one of the older generation at the family occasions.

We stayed at Lilac Tree till gone - a late late night for me.  Its was wonderful sitting out there in the night garden with the bride and groom and the family - we couldn't tear ourselves away.

We met the best man, Ebbi, an old schoolfriend of the bridegroom, who made just the right sort of speech, short, funny and to the point.  We met (among others) Gabi's family from Poland, including her tiny youngest sister Emmie  - sweet and funny - and a very interesting lady called Janet, who made a fantastic cake - see the Captain's Log. It not only looked good - completely personalised for Danny and Gabi - but it tasted good too.

We bought some back to the bungalow and had it for lunch.

We are off to Jen's tonight - an old schoolfriend too.

The wedding party flew off to Poland today - the home of the bride - and are all set for more celebrations.

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