Thursday, 1 October 2015

Red Moons and Green Peppers

Chilli pepper, Capsicum annuum
Our balcony crop - thanks to George and Lilac Tree Farm.  We had our usual veggie soup made with a home-grown pepper for the first time.

I was out on the work with my siblings on Tuesday and did my last two magazine route calls for September on the way home.   Not an outstanding morning, but at least I was out there.  Then the Captain and I went to the talk on the Okavango Delta at the Wildlife Trust.

Yesterday I visited Maggie and did some return visits on the way back.  Met a very nice girl who wants me to bring the magazines to her every month.  An old school friend of the Captain's is visiting this morning, so, yet again, I won't be going to the Thursday group.  I am trying to re-establish it as part of my regular weekly pattern, but so far everything seems to be happening on Thursday mornings - mainly medical thingummies it seems. And I am at home all morning tomorrow, awaiting the next delivery of my fearsome medication - waiting for The Man in the Chem Suit (well, not quite, but it has to be delivered personally, and go straight to the fridge).

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