Monday, 28 September 2015


The Speaker at the Kingdom Hall on Sunday used a climbing metaphor throughout his talk which, as I am a keen armchair mountaineer, was much appreciated.    He even brought a piton with him to show us how sturdy it is.  He called a brother onto the stage to try to bend it, and of course he couldn't.  The life of the climber hangs on that peg.

He was outlining some of the pegs and principles from God's word that our lives hang on - and it reminded me of how strongly we need to embed our faith in the Inspired Word.

Jackie is back. Hurray!   And she cooked us a lovely roast dinner last night - chicken with all the trimmings, followed by creme caramel and raspberries.

The Captain and I were out on the balcony last night in the very early hours watching the red moon. Amazing. And I have never seen Orion so big and so bright in the sky.  Its easy to see the holiness of the world in the early hours.

Apparently a Mormon sect has been assuring us that the appearance of the blood moon does not mean the end of the world...  well, of course it doesn't.  The Inspired Scriptures assure us that the meek will inherit the earth and they will live forever upon it.

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