Thursday, 29 October 2015

The Gallant Captain to the Rescue

Captain Butterfly has just hurtled off on his white charger to take Jacks a paper and see how she is. And he is going to drive her to the hospital later for some tests. This mysterious lurg she and I have is taking quite a toll on her.

I am still full of a cold, still coughing and sneezing, and worrying away about how I am going to get my magazine route calls for this month finished.  I think my only option will be to spend the rest of the day writing out letters and cards and post them with the magazines. I will scrub my hands well before packaging them.  I have my car back now, so I could probably go to the Post Office with them. If not, I know that the Gallant Captain will...

I am loathe to go around spreading this though, seeing what a toll its taking on Jacks.    But I went to Waitrose with Col yesterday - he did our shop, I did Jack's - as I had discussed with her what she needed - she is having difficulty eating anything at the moment, so we discussed some soups that might be edible - but I felt a bit dizzy by the end of it (a tiny shopping trip!).  

Its sad to miss the C.O.'s visit. He said, on Tuesday night, that they were going out to do street work on the Wednesday morning.  Now, I have never really done that, and am very apprehensive about it, so it would have been a great way to start learning... however.    The only kind of street witnessing I have done was in Sheffield years ago. We stood outside the local supermarket, holding up copies of the Watchtower and Awake.

While I was there a friend of Nute's, one of her colleagues from Academe, came cycling past, saw me, saw what I was holding up, and nearly crashed his bike in amazement.  Nute said he asked her if that was really me.  "Please tell him to stop and talk next time", I pleaded.   No-one else did. So I could do with some training. And I would love to have observed the C.O, in action.

Maybe next time?

And thank you Jehovah for Captain Butterfly, who is taking such good care of us.   And thank you too for a rather grey and rainy day which means he can't be called away on active duty with the Butterfly Regiments.

What did I do yesterday?    We did do the shopping together.  I made sandwiches for our lunch - Col's disappearing off with his into the wide blue yonder of Sussex, as he continued his hunt for the long-tailed blue - see his blog for photos,   While I had mine in front of Bargain Hunt.  And then I made a fruit cake.    More cake-making lies ahead as the Butterfly AGM looms, and the coffee and cake interval is a fund raiser.  We were a bit short of cake last year, so I hope to double my production.  and I did some witnessing on line.  A cyberspace friend mentioned one of the tragedies of nature - her cat's catching and killing field mouse.  And I posted  a couple of verses from Genesis and Isaiah, which tell us, clearly and simply, that Jehovah did not make nature "red in tooth and claw", and that he will restore the peace there was in Paradise earthwide. - Genesis 1:30,31; Isaiah 11:6-9

And I did my studying - the section about Abel that I quoted from in a previous blog.  I was thinking that Satan could never have got away with the idea that Genesis is a "creation myth" back then, as the Garden of Eden was still there, with the fiery blade, turning and turning, preventing our return.  The Society believe it would have vanished with the Deluge of Noah's day.

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