Sunday, 18 October 2015

Fire and Water

We got a surprise at the Kingdom Hall today as, just as the public talk finished, we were told to vacate the Hall at once.  Maggie and I managed to totter out together, and everyone got out in an orderly manner, as I would have expected. So we passed our fire drill. It was a genuine surprise.

Jean and I had a good morning on the doors yesterday.  

And I just got a lovely review of "Till they Dropped" on Amazon!

Very grateful - as it has inspired me to get out my dive thriller, give it its final polish and get it to my hard-working young publisher.

Jackie is coming over tonight for pie and mash, followed by ice-cream.

My Disaster Poem - this is the water element of my blog

Hi Tide
by me

The sea had long wanted to go into town
So early one morning it roared in
Found the arcades still closed
and battered them down.

I looked anxiously at the English Channel outside the window, but its very calm at the moment.

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