Tuesday, 6 October 2015


Yesterday was a butterfly paperwork day - and this morning we posted the Membership packages.  It was a stormy day - the remnant of Hurricane Joaquin finally reached us.   My field service partner rang up to say she had had a really bad night, as I did.  Neither of us is young, or in particularly good health. So we cancelled.

I did get out this afternoon, but only for half an hour as it suddenlybegan to pour with rain.  I drove back along the coast, and the sea was wild and wonderful.  

It was a good half hour though.  Both of the Care Homes took more magazines and I can deliver next month. And I found two of my magazine route calls at home.  I hadn't managed to find them in for months.  One is a lovely, but very young and exhausted, mother of two. She says she does read some of the articles in the magazines, and I said a little about the 3 important questions in October's Awake - important to see how the Bible answers them.

The other is a busy Philippino nurse who works shifts. She was at home, but on the phone to her fiance, so I only managed to say a couple of words. But she seemed happy enough to get the magazines.

Captain Butterfly has decided we need red meat - we are both very tired - so we had a steak for supper. He had most of it, but I managed to get a small bit down with a lot of mustard and fried onions.  I really don't like red meat much. Except for when Jackie cooks us a roast lamb dinner. Then its brilliant, and I can eat loads. She says she will cook us one the next time we come for supper.

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