Tuesday, 13 October 2015

What the Wild Waves are Saying

They are not saying much today as the Channel is calm, so far.  But I was thinking about what they ought to tell us, because I am busy dawdling through the Simon Callow book on Dickens and I came across this - something Dickens wrote when he saw the Niagara Falls.

"It would be hard for a man to stand nearer God than he does there.  There was a bright rainbow at my feet; and from that I looked up to - great heaven!  To what a fall of bright green water!  The broad, deep, mighty stream seems to die in the act of falling and from its unfathomable grave, arises that tremendous ghost of spray and mist which is ever laid, and has been haunting this place with the same dread solemnity - perhaps from the creation of the world."

Dickens is awed by the power of the falls - by the power of their Creator, Jehovah.

So the creation is telling us all the time of its Grand Creator.   Dickens felt that as he stood by the Falls.   And walking by the sea, especially when the waves are wild, is a comforting reassurance of the power and the love that lies behind everything.

I think it was a quiet weekend for us.   A lovely meeting on Sunday of course, and I am trying to think what I did yesterday, but all that comes to mind is a shopping trip, some studying, and some basic housework. (And a lot of lying on the sofa, reading my book.)  Kathy and I were out on the doors this morning, but it was very cold.  Not that I feel it much - too well insulated. But Kathy felt it, especially after a long conversation on one cold doorstep with an elderly and rather reclusive hippie.

He has exactly the right question:   If there is a God who is Almighty and Good, why is the world so full of cruelty and injustice?  We are hoping he will let us show him how perfectly the Inspired Scriptures answer that question and what a wonderful hope they hold out.

He said he enjoyed his talk with us, so will hope so, and must pray so.   At that point Kathy was turning blue, so we were rescued by a sister, taken home with her and revived with hot coffee and some wonderful malt loaf she had made.   Came home to find El Capitano was home for lunch - but the soup was already made, so no problem.  Its steak, chips and mushrooms tonight.

Still behind with my return visits...  I hope I can catch up - as much as one ever does - by the end of the month.

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