Friday, 2 October 2015

The Great Spice Rack Disaster and a Beautiful Plume

Beautiful Plume, Amblyptilia acanthadactyla
"I cleaned your spice rack", said Captain Butterfly, when I got back from the shops. "You will need to put your spices back in order."

Ah, I thought, how nice to have the Captain up and running again, as we share housewifely duties, apart from the cooking, which I do, and the vacuuming, which he does.   And yes, I reminded myself, I must remember to put them back in alphabetical order.  If I don't, I end up with 6 packets of one spice, and none of various others.

Of course, I forgot.    And when making the marmalade muffins yesterday, I reached absent-mindedly for the ginger, which is always in the bottom right hand corner of spice rack, and found I had added garlic flakes to my mixture.   I had to start again.

I have now sorted my spice rack.

Chris and Star - old school friend of the Captain, plus wife - came round yesterday morning for coffee and cake - and it was the meeting at the Kingdom Hall in the evening.   We watched this wonderful little video about Jehovah's name - the importance of it.  It is well worth a watch - takes about 5 minutes.

Col has just been out photographing a Plume Moth that is living on our balcony. We have found out why. Apparently its lava feed on our geranium leaves!

Well, the end of the season is on the way, and if we can help the plume moth population we must.

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