Saturday, 10 October 2015

Talk about Politics

Spent Wednesday morning with a friend in a residential home.   We talked a lot about the resurrection. She was married in her teens and is now in her eighties, and cannot wait to see her husband again.   Its such a contrast to the view of marriage as a very temporary arrangement promoted  by "the world".

It was another lovely Autumn day, even though it was grey and a bit rainy. The greens were very green and everything bright with berries.  Its supposed to be the sign of a hard winter come, but we shall see.  I don't think its an infallible sign.

Though we could do with a hard Winter.  We really need all the seasons, clear and distinct. Its just that, as you get older, ice is such a "terror in the way".

I finally made it to the Thursday field service group - first time in a month I think. And I am glad I did.   We had a good morning - and a couple of interesting calls. One to an elderly gentleman, in his eighties, living on his own, but with children and grandchildren all within walking distance.  He was saying that he has just about given up hope in God or any meaning to things, the state of the world being what it is.  Or any hope of a rescue.   The question in the October Awake magazine is just for him - or rather the answer is. So we left it with him.  He assures us he has a Bible and will read the article and look up all the Scriptures. We want him to see how the Inspired Scriptures answer his questions.

We drew his attention to the first question.

I also placed a magazine with a young lad who answered the door wearing only a small bathtowel, a smile, and a mobile phone.   Not sure if he took the magazines because of a deep spiritual interest or because he wanted to get rid of me and get back to his shower and/or telephone conversation. Probably the latter, but I hope to call back and find out.

Do they make waterproof mobile phones?

All this talk about politics, in the wake of Jeremy Corbyn being elected to lead the Labour Party has put me in mind of Hilaire Belloc's verse on the results of a general election.

The accursed power which stands on Privilege 
(And goes with Women, and Champagne and Bridge) 
Broke — and Democracy resumed her reign: 
(Which goes with Bridge, and Women and Champagne).

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