Friday, 23 October 2015

Looking back, with hope - at the Murray Downland Trust

On Wednesday night we went to hear: " Looking back over 50 year's experience of birds, butterflies and orchids and how they have responded to changes in the countryside."   a talk given by Richard Williamson for the Murray Downland Trust.

It was in the village hall, with slides.  Exactly the sort of occasion I have been going to all my life, from my schooldays on.  We had wine and nibbles, rather than tea and biscuits, other than that all was as it was.   I loved it   Does the memory of all those other occasions add to the experience each time?

Richard knew his subject inside out and back to front and gave us a funny as well as informative time. He had a series of bird whistles - some made by his grandfather, some by his father, some by him - and he painted a vivid picture of him making - was it the cuckoo call(?) - and the male bird coming straight down to challenge him and warn him off.  

 "Oi, are you looking at my bird?!"

And in the face of everything, he remains full of hope.  In spite of continuing habitat loss, shooting, hunting, the over-abundance of deer and badger who have no natural predators,  etc etc.
Could wolf packs ever be introduced to Sussex I found myself wondering?  It would hardly be fair to the wolf packs for a start. How would they cope with the roads and all the traffic?

I am very hopeful too, but only because I know that Jehovah has promised that he will "bring to ruin those ruining the earth" - and because I know that Jehovah's promises never fail. Isn't that the very meaning of his name?

Other than that, I have done very little this week. Some studying, some housework, made us meals. Am down with nasty cold - and we are also down to one car.  Jackie is ill too - much worse than I am.  But there is better news of Ken, who may, hopefully, be out of hospital next week.

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