Tuesday, 22 September 2015

That Monday Morning Feeling

A lovely meeting at the Kingdom Hall on Sunday.  It was one of those talks that you wish all your family would have come to... but none of them did, sadly.

Then I shopped for the fruit cake the wounded soldier had requested (for the ingredients to make it that is), had lunch (Captain Butterfly was out hunting the long-tailed blue butterfly, with his box of cake and sandwiches, so he is clearly feeling a lot better, thank God), then made the cake.   It has turned out well - but i am wondering now if it would be better made with sherry.  I am using Brandy at the moment, as we have some in - which I must have bought for cake-making purposes, as we don't drink it.

Pathetically, just doing that exhausted me. And I fell asleep on the sofa.  That was it for the day really.  Oh, and it was nothing to do with the brandy in the cake!   I only had a corner of Captain B's slice which he ate hot, just to make sure it was OK.  It was - though not my best ever.

That Monday morning feeling is very different in retirement. I used to dread Monday mornings - most especially during the school terms in my faraway Catholic Convent schooldays.   Monday is now a day of rest for me after the weekend.   Though of course there is housework and studying to do.  But without my Bible study, where would I be?   Lost.  A sheep without a shepherd.

We know that Autumn is here when the talks start at the Wetland Trust.  We went with Terry last night - the talk was about the wildlife of Spain - a revelation to me who has never been there.  The High Pyrenees!  One of those places where it is easy to see that the whole earth was made to be Paradise.

Thinking about it makes me wish that people would listen to what the Inspired Scriptures are trying to tell them.  Because Paradise will be restored.  And, if the earth can be so lovely now, how lovely will it be then?

I was out this morning with Cathy - we did some of my route calls and a couple of her return visits. We only found one person at home - a lovely lady she has been calling on for some time. She invited us in and we had a good talk.  But I least I got some more of my magazines delivered.

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