Saturday, 5 September 2015

The Butterfly and the Non-Diving Bell

The Captain has remembered the large bell that Bea gave me to summon him during my convalescence, and is getting his own back.   He started eating again yesterday  - a tiny bowl of veggie soup (homemade) and a small bowl of stewed fruit and custard for lunch - and a larger bowl of soup, plus a slice of toast and a yogurt in the evening.

Plus lots of cups of tea and glasses of water - RING, RING, CLANG, CLANG.

Oh and some grapes - Duchy, organic - which were all he ate the day before.   I am up early, have reset his glasses and his fruit bowl - no need to re-charge the bell, it is of the old fashioned Pick-it-up-and-ring-it kind.

Oh and he also had a small slice of fruit cake.

All that seems positive, but I will feel happier when the catheter is removed.  As I am sure will he.

Obviously I have not been out on the work this week - nor did I get to the Thursday night meeting - I didn't even listen in on the phone link - RING RING CLANG CLANG.  And I am behind with my studies...

However, I have managed a little - very little - internet witnessing, as some internet friends have asked some good questions. I am trying to direct them to the website and their local congregation, who will be calling on them regularly.   And I did enclose a small Bible tract in a letter I sent updating an aunt on the health situation.

Thanks to all who have phoned, emailed and sent cards.  It is all much appreciated.

Postcript:  Captain Butterfly has pointed out crossly that he hasn't used his bell once yet.  No. Fair enough, apart from a Test Ring, but the threat of it is there.

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