Monday, 7 September 2015


Captain Butterfly is getting better by the day.  He is even going to get dressed today and Jacks will join us for coffee this afternoon.   I hope it all continues.  

I have a - RING RING,DING DONG ("Just testing to see if the bell is still working") - dental check up this morning, which is spoiling my morning with dread, but it must be done.    The soup is in the Soupmaker ready to be switched on as I leave, so there should be piping hot veggie soup ready for lunch when I return.

I have been re-reading Peter Cook's biography, and the book by his first wife, Wendy...   lots of interesting things to say about him, but whether they will make it into my blog...  not at the moment I guess.   But does everyone's life look sad when you look back?    It must really, because of the situation we, the children of Adam, are in.

I was thinking of going out on the field service tomorrow morning, as I haven't been out for a week, but Roger just rang to say he is coming over tomorrow.  It will be lovely to see him.  He is in the country very briefly, so we are happy he is making the time.   I have a couple of magazines for him too!

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