Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Two Landmarks and a Strange Fungus

We spent the morning at the hospital, while the Captain's contraption was removed. Successfully - all OK so far.  Then, far from wanting to rest, he wanted to go for an outing.  So we spent a lovely sunny September afternoon at the Wetland Trust with Terry.   The sky was a tender blue, with scudding white clouds, there are berries everywhere, along with the flowers and seeds of Autumn.

We then stopped at Terry's to photograph a rare orange fungus that is growing prolifically in the garden, and arrived back here just as the rain began.  Good timing.

Apparently we are in for some really stormy weather tomorrow and it seems to be revving up already.

What to say about the news?  Dreadful in both large and small details. The Society is preparing us for what the Bible warns is to come. But it is the darkest hour before the dawn.  And the Autumnal beauty of the afternoon spoke very reassuringly of its Grand Creator, the One who has our rescue well in hand.  It is a rescue for all who will take hold of it.

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