Saturday, 19 September 2015

The Moth Rescue

Off out on Saturday morning with Jean - I didn't feel like going, as I felt terminally tired, and I am sure she felt much the same, but we made it.   Lovely field service group, and Jean kindly came with me to get my magazine route started.  And we managed to find two of my long standing return visits at home!   And placed publications with both of them.  I first talked to them back in June - but have not managed to find them in since - and haven't even been trying this month what with Captain Butterfly and all.

Oh and we found someone in at Aki's house.  Not the mysterious (and beautiful) Aki who no longer seems to live there, but a rather suspicious lady, who only opened the door a crack, but who then warmed up to us and took a magazine.   Aki stopped me on the road over a year ago, and I gave her a brochure:. "Does God Really Care about Us?"       I have called back at her house many times since then, but never, till today found anyone at home.

Talking of Captain Butterfly, which I was in the paragraph before, we found a beautiful moth in a spider's web and managed to get it free.  Jean coaxed it back to life on her hand and it soared off into space.   We were so happy.  The spider didn't look very thrilled I have to say.

I don't know whether that counts as kindness to moths, or cruelty to spiders.  We broke its web and robbed its larder.  But somehow we felt impelled to mount a rescue.

 I wonder what the webs will be for in Paradise?  Maybe they will be beautiful lacy dew-catchers, catching the morning dew in a perfect kind of irrigation system.

I hope both Jean and I and Captain B and all of us are there to find out.

I am trying to write my talk - finding it very difficult - but want to give a copy to my helper tomorrow so we can talk it over and improve it.

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