Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Doctor Roger

Roger arrived yesterday and is staying for a couple of days.  It has cheered the Captain up no end. They went for a walk yesterday afternoon - Col's first since the op - and I got a phone call to say that, apparently, the Landlord of the "Honey I'm in the Pub" dragged them both in there and was forcing them to drink pints of beer.  The brute!    So could I delay supper?

As it was only soup, no problem

We had a steak and ale pie for lunch, along with cabbage, carrots and mash.  And raspberries and ice-cream afterwards.

We had planned to have lunch at our local today, but Col is not up to it yet, and so Roger has gone off to get fish and chips.

I have been thinking about how lovely The Cape is. That was my one and only trip to Africa.

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