Saturday, 1 August 2015

Being Fed

Painted Jezebel, Delias hyparete
Thailand 1984
At the meeting Thursday night we went over all the recent studies we have had on effective ways to witness, how to get the truth to people - Christianity being called "the way of the truth".   And I was given a part in the Ministry School for September:

No. 2: Ehud —Theme: Jehovah Delivers His People.   I will be in the Main Hall, on the platform, and the point of counsel is No.32, which I must now go and look up.  Its: Expressed with Conviction.    My first thought about how to approach it is to be explaining to my householder what we can learn from studying the Hebrew Scriptures.

Captain Butterfly and I went for a long sunny walk along Ferring Rife yesterday morning - butterflies and dragonflies - came back for a soup lunch - and he then went on to Arundel and I shopped.  Lidl's.

Here is a poem I wrote about a beautiful Thai butterfly - one that Captain Butterfly (when he was just a caterpillar) photographed.  So he was already thinking in butterfly.  And I was wondering. Who made this lovely world?  Why is it so full of cruelty and injustice? Why is nature "red in tooth and claw?"  Why do we have such a short time to spend with the people we love?

I wondered if there was any meaning to it all.

I was a few years away from finding the answers, from talking to the two Jehovah's Witnesses who knocked on my door in my Northern hometown.

Clearly I already felt that there had to be a Creator, that all this complex beauty could not have just happened.  But my head was full of a jumbled jigsaw with many pieces missing, until that knock at the door.  And I am still learning and hope to go on learning for ever.   It is now, I believe, acknowledged by science that the human brain looks like it was designed to go on taking in knowledge endlessly.

Of course, Genesis has always told us that it was.  Our first parents would only die if they disobeyed and cut themselves off from their Creator, their Source of life.  They were designed to live forever.

When God Painted Thailand
by me

When God painted Thailand
He splashed on gold and red
Red and gold, against blue sky
As we walked up Sukhumvit Road
God's paint palette flew by.

The photo Col took is hanging in our kitchen now. I'll see if I can get him to add it to the blog.

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