Sunday, 23 August 2015

A Murmuration of Clocks and Cards

Bob was very taken (and not in a good way) by our clock.  It chimes every hour with birdsong. Well, I say birdsong. Appalling racket would be another way of describing it.  He and Judy sent us a Thank you card - and when we opened it, it sang at us in Nuthatch.

Jean and I managed an hour and a half on the doors yesterday morning - not bad for us - though we were asked in by Ursula, so we weren't walking all that time.   It was a lovely day, hot and humid, but with a cool sea breeze. And the flowers of August were all round - each one a miracle of beauty and engineering.

We had a tricky set of not at homes to do, on a cul de sac road with very confusing house numbers. But when we stopped to ask for help, the guy we stopped, who was working on the road, asked us for a set of magazines to read with his tea break!

"Have you got something scientific for me to read?"  he asked.

Have we!   Thank you Jehovah.  Because this month's Awake magazine contains a fascinating article about the Genetic Code.

I hope it will help to waken him up to the fact that the more we know, the more we come back to the truth of Genesis.

Jackie cooked us a paella last night.  Excellent - a tribute to her Spanish years.  Keith and Janet arrive tomorrow, on their way back from France.

The Aramco Expat site has been in touch asking me about my book, as they will publicise it!  I think I have Charlie to thank for this. And I do thank him and them. So today I have to do a little blurb about it.   Its surprisingly difficult though.  I don't recognise my book from the publisher's summary at all. It is all based on a dream I had, a childhood game we used to play (which is why the toys turn up), and a vague feeling that, if we kept on building malls, we were going to run out of shoppers.

It all sounds much more purposeful when they write about it.  So I need to find a balance.

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