Wednesday, 19 August 2015

A Difficult Letter

Thanks to Jane for reminding me that the Fibonacci Sequence is also seen in cauliflowers, broccoli, and pine cones.    It is an amazing world that Jehovah made for us.

I can understand now that maths is a fascinating subject.   If only I were able to understand it better.

Kathy and I were on the door to door preaching work yesterday.   And we each did some return visits. Though I still have a sheaf of guilt-making calls I have not got back to.  And I managed to do the letter to the husband and family of an old friend from our Saudi years.  Mary has just died of lung cancer...    I wanted to put down some of our memories of her.

We have a card ready to go, with the letter.  Its always hard to know what to say at this time, but it is very important to say what you can.    And I have so much to say about the hope for Mary, about when they will see her again. But, for the moment, I have left it at suggesting they talk to the next JWs who call if they want to know what the Bible says about death. It is more comforting and more helpful than anything else.

What I remember most about Mary is how hospitable she was, and how like home her house always was.   We saw them just about every day at one time.  She and Chuck had a long and happy marriage - quite an achievement, especially in today's world. And its going to be a strange new world for all of them without Mary in it.

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