Tuesday, 11 August 2015

What are we most looking forward to in the restored earthly Paradise?

That was one of the questions we thought about at the end of our Watchtower study on Sunday.   And I think, first and foremost for most of us, it was the resurrection, or the re-creation, when those we love are woken from the dreamless sleep of death.

And it will also be wonderful to be alive again. All of us are dying from the moment we are born, so do we really know what its like to be alive?

Lunched with Captain Butterfly - a leftover lunch really, not a Sunday roast - and then he was called out on a Search and Rescue.  I made him up a hasty packed supper, but I have done nothing, just dozed in front of the telly.    But I have had a lovely long Skype chat with Anne of the Cape.

We had supper at Jack's on Saturday. She provided Thai curry, rice, salad, and Eton Mess (with yoghurt, not cream, on account of my arthritis).  And, at last, there is good news of Tom.

Routine blood test at doctor's on Friday.. and then I did a mountain of butterfly paperwork which flew itself through the letterbox that morning.

And here is something else I am looking forward to when the earth is restored to Paradise - being able to look after the butterflies properly - with minimal paperwork.

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