Saturday, 8 August 2015

The Walnut Tree

Walnut Tree, Juglans regia
Bob, Judy, the Captain and me had a day out at Bosham Harbour on Wednesday. The tide was way out when we arrived, and had surged back with a vengeance after lunch (in The Blue Anchor, Bob's treat, very nice too).  People were beginning to move their cars out of the way. It is a village with very high thresholds.

We went to the church and looked at the spot that is supposed to mark the grave of King Canute's little daughter, who died there many centuries ago.
Walnut fruit
We found a walnut tree.   None of us had ever seen one before and were puzzled as to what it was.  I suppose every squirrel on the South Coast will be keeping a close eye on it.

Jackie joined us for supper - lasagne (Cooks), salad, garlic bread, and ice-cream.  And our visitors left on Thursday morning.

Jean and I were out on the work this morning. We finished our assigned territory and had some good calls.

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