Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The Rainbow

On the work with one of my sisters yesterday morning, and it turned out she knows one of the ladies on my magazine route - has witnessed to her on the bus and at the bus stop.  We all had a good chat. We finished our assigned territory, along with my last two route calls for July.

And I got myself out later on some overdue return visits.

The "increasing of lawlessness" increases.  We watched Crimewatch last night. Too scary for me really, but the Captain was watching it and I was drawn in despite myself.  There was some brilliant policing done to solve the murder of a nice family man walking home from work - and also an interesting item about the increasing amount of attacks on police, fireman, ambulancemen and hospital staff.

Now I don't want to get starry-eyed about the past.  It certainly was not Paradise. But I do not remember firemen, ambulance teams, etc coming under attack as they tried to help us - let alone its being routine!    And an interesting point came out.  It appears that the Home Office is keeping no statistics on the amount of attacks on Police Officers.   Why?

The situation at the Channel Tunnel and its Ports seems to be getting desperate.  What will happen next?  And how bad will it get before Armageddon?   All we can say is that Jehovah will not allow his beautiful earth to be ruined.

I drove to Durrington this morning but was unable to find the Nursing Home I was looking for and had to drive back again.  Then I got caught in a kerfuffle at the rail crossing, because the barrier gates had failed!  If that situation started in the rush hour, a lot of people will have been late to work yesterday morning.  Captain Butterfly kindly took me out there this afternoon so I could spend some time with Maggie, and I hope I now know how to find the way under my own steam.

Then after a bit of a stressful day, a rainbow appeared outside our window.  Thanks to its Creator, Jehovah of armies, the God of Abraham.

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