Friday, 28 August 2015

A Tall, Dark, and Handsome Stranger

"Who are you, tall, dark, and handsome stranger?"  I gasped as I staggered back through the front door with the shopping yesterday. "And what have you done with my Captain Butterfly?!"

"It is I, Captain Butterfly."  The stranger said turning his best profile towards me.  "I have just been to Malcolm and had my hair cut."

"NO!  I can scarce believe it - how wonderful you look - etc - and can I have a cup of tea?"  

"Certainly", preened the tall, dark, and handsome one, as he set off kitchenwards.

Like shooting fish in a barrel...

Anyway - the dreaded day draws near - and no stranger, no matter how t, d, and h could replace the Captain.

What did I do yesterday?  I must have done something. I did not get out on the field service, regrettably.    But I did the shopping and got the Butterfly Memerships posted.  And did quite a bit of cooking - making soup and curry out of the veggies that needed using up.  And of course it was the meeting at the Hall last night, so I did my studying for that.

I have arranged to pick up Jean tomorrow for the field service group, and she will come with me to Wick to finish my magazine route - she has some calls there too.  In fact, I need to sit down some time today with my jumble of return visits and sort them properly, as there are a couple of flats there that I need to try and call back on.  Especially one where i had an interesting chat with a young lad about Evolution/Creation.  I haven't managed to find him at home again.

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