Sunday, 2 August 2015

Thistles and Umbellifers

Brookfield Park was full of thistles and umbellifers (and butterflies) when the Captain and I went there on Saturday afternoon.   It was a hot, high summer day, but with a sudden feeling of Autumn in the air.   How quickly the years rush past.  

We saw the turtles basking by the side of the pond, and they saw us and craned their necks.  I got talking to a guy with tattoos and a friendly pit-bull sort of dog, and did try to give a little witness. But he didn't pick up on it.

Jean and I had a lovely morning out, after a tricky start. We were working at one end of a private estate - very upmarket, and absolutely no parking.  And fair enough, they all pay a lot to live there. We couldn't find anywhere near enough our assigned road that would allow us to park.  We parked up briefly and got out the map.  It didn't help.  Then I drove on and found the young bro and sister (and baby) we were working with and told them we couldn't join them on that road as there was nowhere near enough for us to park.

Its only because we have got so old. A few years ago, it would have been no problem for either of us to walk.

Then we drove on and found our Field Service conductor with his family.  We parked again, and he consulted his map and found us a road we could work AND park on.

But during all my stopping and starting there was a police car coming and going. Which was odd.  I even started to get a bit paranoid and hoped he wouldn't regard my brief stops as Parking.  He didn't.

Anyway, when we finally started work, rather later than usual, we not only finished our assignment, but had some very good calls.  And I even placed every last one of the July magazines, so I can now start afresh with the August ones.

The article on how to cope with stress placed itself..  People almost snatched it out of my hand.

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