Sunday, 5 July 2015

The Berlin Wall Comes Down

Sad to arrive at the bungalow and no Ollie to greet us.  But there was the elusive Scooter coming to say hello!    She is a transformed cat now that her two enemies: Daisy the Cat, and Ollie the dog, are no more.   She spends all her time with us. She is still not cuddly, not a lap-sitter, but obviously likes to be close to her people.   And the Berlin wall of doors that closed off dog from cats, and one cat from the other cat is gone.   Scoots has the run of the house and garden now.  And she is making the most of it.

The four granddaughters and their parents were round yesterday.  Nute put on a lovely buffet lunch - and I am going to have to put in a word for Duchy pork sausages from Waitrose.  I am not a great meat eater and not a fan of sausages, but, wow, were they good. I had to be firm with myself to stick to just one of them, and not eat the whole panload.

It was a sunny day. And in the late evening when everyone had gone, Col and I went down to Endcliffe Park and photographed creepycrawlies.

The drive up on Friday was not fun - one long traffic jam - but we did manage a stop at a Reserve, where Captain Butterfly hunted the elusive Duke of Fritillary (possibly the Black Hairstreak?) and met a fellow enthusiast he knows on the same errand.

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