Sunday, 19 July 2015

Bea's Butterly Bag

The lovely butterfly bag that Bea gave me has been perfect for the Conventions. It has come with me every day, holding all my books, my packed lunch, my water, my brolly (not needed) and sundries; fitted neatly into coach and convention seat, and looked pretty while doing so.

We ended on a really high note today. And I might well post some of the notes I took as the days go by.  Sat with a sister from Hastings and travelled back on the coach with Jenny, who is also behind with her return visits so we are going to try to get together for a catch-up session.

The commission Jesus gave his followers is, as the Convention reminded us, to preach AND teach. We must try to follow up on every bit of interest found, but its not easy.

Jacks invited us to supper tonight which was great - looked after beautifully - chicken kiev, asparagus new potatoes, followed by Eton mess, and then some cheese with a goats cheese for me.

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