Monday, 27 July 2015

A Rainy Sunday in Retirement

The Captain set off early - very early - for his marshalling duties in the Worthing triathlon.   Then the rain started.  He got soaked. The Triathlonites started off soaked, as it begins with a swim in the chilly Channel.   And I got soaked, plus drenched in a gutter-tsunami from passing cars, while walking to the Kingdom Hall.  There is nowhere near to park now.   But it was well worth it - a lovely meeting, great talk and Watchtower study. And Maggie is back!

The Watchtower article was teaching us how to imitate Jehovah's loving-kindness.

We were both back for lunch - yesterday's chicken and rice.

Jacks was over for supper last night - stir fry chicken with mushroom, egg fried rice, spring rolls (courtesy of Waitrose), followed by cheese, coffee and trifle (also courtesy of Waitrose).   An evening full of laughter and our latest discoveries in the Country of Old Age into which we are travelling, fast.

Talking of Waitrose, it has moved. We can't understand why really, as it was such a local success.

Then it was a quiet Sunday afternoon - we watched the Athletics from London, which Col had recorded.  Usain Bolt won the 100 metres again - and did he stop halfway through to make and drink a cup of tea before strollng to victory?  I think he pretty much could have.

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