Friday, 3 July 2015

Another Era Ended?

Hopefully yesterday was the last of my visits to my young surgeon.  He is so busy that usually you have to wait at least an hour. However, this time I was ushered straight in and it took all of 5 minutes. Then I had a form to fill in and - barring accidents (dread dread) - that should be it.

All my other joints are failing, but I can't go through any more replacements.  These knees are working well, but I am still almost terminally tired.

I long for the moment, promised in Isaiah when everyone on earth will be in perfect health.   Isaiah 33:24:  "And no resident will say: “I am sick.” The people dwelling in the land will be pardoned for their error."

Not one of Jehovah's promises has failed, nor will they ever fail.  That is the very meaning of his name - that he can and will do all he purposes to do.  We cannot, however much we want to.  

Another sunny day. The balcony geraniums are splendid.  The Channel is blue, calm, and out.

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