Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The Cottage

Northern Brown Argus, Aricia artaxerxes
"Who is living there?" I asked Bob, surprised to find a lovely stone cottage where their workshop used to be.

"You are" he said.

And so we are - a country cottage to ourselves!    We spent yesterday exploring the beautiful Northumberland Coast, and went over the border into Scotland.  Every time I come up here I wonder why we aren't living up here. And yet I know we are very happy in our South Coast life.

I was a bit of a trial.  Bob had to make me a wooden step so I could get in  and out of his van.   And I couldn't join them on the Hunt for the Laird of Fritillary (the Northern Brown Argus). It lives in steep steep countryside.  On the other hand, my blue badge was quite useful.

We travelled up via Lilac Tree Farm - where George made us a lovely roast lamb lunch and Dan arrived in time to join us.   We left with fresh eggs from the Lilac Tree hens (shared with Bob and Judy) and a couple of chili plants for the balcony, which will travel back home with us. We then spent the night in York with Keith,Janet and the children. They have a new bathroom, with walk-in shower, which was very helpful.  They gave us an impressive array of salads, followed by Eton mess. And now Judy is cooking some wonderful meals for us.

How is Captain Butterfly going to keep me down on the farm now?

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