Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Balcony Geraniums

Approaching my sell-by date is making me very very tired.   Exhausted after our trip.   And simply could not get myself to the group yesterday morning.  I did get out later though, and delivered the last 5 Convention invites I had - did not want them to go to waste.  And I started my magazine route.

I drove myself back to the caravan site - site lovely, wonderful view they have - but don't like the drive there - and found two of the three people I wanted to call on at home!  They both want the magazines next month so I will have to get used to driving out there.  Its not at all difficult really, its just that I am such a wimp. You have to turn right immediately after a very busy rail crossing, and its complicated.

If I would learn to do the best I can and leave the rest in Jehovah's hands, I would waste a lot less energy in worry and anxiety. It is something to pray about, clearly.

The balcony geraniums went mad in our absence (when the cat's away) and we now have a sea of white and pink and green (the green being the geranium leaves and the mint) with the blue of the Channel beyond.  Captain Butterfly has just brought me my breakfast. He does the breakfasts, I do the other meals.  He has porridge and I have soaked porridge oats with fruit and seeds.  And we both have a cup of his lovely foamy coffee.  And we have all our morning medications - which brings me back to that looming sell-by date.

And a question. One that, I think, troubled Darwin too.  Why do we have this incredibly complex brain - the complexity of which is becoming clearer every day - if we are only designed to live for 70 years?   Isn't it beginning to seem that the human brain has a limitless capacity for taking in knowledge - just as if it was designed to last forever?

Which comes back to Genesis, as it tells us that Adam and Eve would only die if they disobeyed and cut themselves off from their Creator, their Source of life.  In other words, it tells us they were made to live forever.  And I rest in the hope that Jehovah is extending to all the damaged children of Adam - everlasting life in the restored earthly Paradise.

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