Saturday, 25 July 2015

A Cavalier from Latvia

We were helped to find the right block of flats by a gallant (and handsome) young lad from Latvia on Thursday morning.   My sister then gave him a little witness about the Kingdom of God (from the "Good News for People of all Nations" booklet).  He read it, and said, in his halting English that he was "atheist".  Nevertheless, Jenny asked him, if she could get him some information about the Kingdom of God in his native language, would he read it?

He seemed pleased and touched, and said yes. And then he gallantly kissed her hand!

Suddenly he reminded me of my aged father - who was Polish, specifically a child of the fields and forests of Belarus.

It was a lovely witness, and I am learning a lot from my siblings.

Yesterday was two trips to Worthing Hospital - the Captain and I are having to structure our lives round medical trips of various kinds now - and on the second one, Col dropped me off to visit Maggie, and picked me up on the way back.  Her room was full of visitors when I arrived, but we had half an hour or so to ourselves.  She is going to be at the Kingdom Hall on Sunday, which will be great.

It was a day of fierce rain yesterday - and late yesterday evening there was a thunderstorm way off over the Channel somewhere - on the French coast?   We could see the occasional flash of lightning and a distant rumble of thunder.

I am on the doors with my siblings this morning - and Jacks comes for supper tonight.

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