Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Match that started March

March has come in like a lamb - a beautiful sunny spring-like day.   That means something weather-wise, but I have forgotten what it is.  It might mean it goes out "like a lion". i.e. with the return of the winter weather. Time will tell.

Captain Butterfly rushed back for The Match at 3.00 - England v Ireland.    Its all very tense - rugby bats at dawn, Ireland leading 30 love, but, if England can score double top - marvelous stuff - zzzzzzzzzzzz

I finished my last 3 magazine route calls after the meeting.  Ursula was at home and we had a long talk, She showed me some beautiful flowers in her garden that she calls Christmas roses - she couldn't remember the official name, and I have never seen them before.  Some of them are quite orchid like, but they flowered all through the cold last month.

I just looked them up on the net and apparently they are of the genus Hellebores.  I must make a note to tell Ursula when I take the March magazines and the Memorial invitation round.    

I have never been so late with the magazines I don't think. I had intended to deliver them yesterday, but it rained all day.

Jackie is coming for supper tonight. The chile is made - as are the small small things (yoghurt, grated cheese, and a salad). And Col has made three ice-creams for afters.

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