Monday, 16 March 2015

A Good Quota of Cliff-Galloping

We are rather enjoying the new Poldark.  Wild landscape (Cornwall), wild red hair (Demelza), and the requisite amount of galloping along cliff tops (Ross and Horse).   Its good so far, though we would have been happy to have seen the original again too.  Its going to be hard to beat Angharad Rees as Demelza.

Cornwall has such happy childhood memories for me.  I knew the beach at Praa Sands when it was empty, even at the height of the summer.

Which reminds me of a joke we were told by a gentleman whose door we called at on Saturday. He wasn't interested, but said so politely and Jean and I had a friendly chat with him.  As he watched me totter down his steps he said "I'll get a lift fitted for the next time you come.  In any case, I am getting to need one myself".   And then he added:   "I am getting so old now, I can say that I knew the Dead Sea when it was only ill."

So he gave us a laugh. It was a very nice friendly road.  Even the young chap whose doorbell I jammed by ringing it (!) was lovely, and took a magazine.

We had supper at Jack's on Saturday night.  Salmon - real salmon - with asparagus, mashed potato and dill sauce, and apple pie and yoghurt for afters.  A lovely evening, as it always is with Jackie.

It was the Meeting at the Kingdom Hall yesterday morning, with an especially good talk from a visiting brother.   And the Watchtower was a reminder of the importance of the coming Memorial of Jesus' death.  I had intended to go on the door to door work afterwards as Col was out conserving things all day, but my shoulder started to play up, and I was in a lot of pain by the time the meeting ended.   I had to leave quickly while I could still drive.  My left arm/shoulder is still very painful, but its not, thank goodness, a full-blown arthritis attack.  I was able to sleep last night.

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