Saturday, 14 March 2015

The Kind Young Postman

Mike and I kept bumping into a young postman who was delivering letters, and lots of packages, on the road we were working on Thursday morning.  We offered him a Memorial Invitation.  He accepted it, and said that he really respected us for what we did!    We said that going door to door had given us a lot of respect for postmen too.

We finished our territory and I drove Mike back and then I did 4 return visits on the way home. Nobody was in.  But I did leave a couple of Memorial Invitations.  The other two calls we posted yesterday when we did our big shop. The Captain took them to the Post Office along with the Butterfly memberships (only 1 this month, lowest total ever.) I usually have to post Dave's magazines as there is no access to his mailbox unless he is at home. And he never is.  And another call's new dog guards her letterbox fiercely while she is out.  When she had her old dog, I could say: "Good girl, Leave it.", as I pushed the magazines through. And she, good dog that she was, would leave it.

Not so sure about this one. I will check with her Person, the next time I catch her at home.

In the afternoon, we had a walk along the beach - grey and coldish - and we bumped into Terry.  We are all going to the talk at Arundel next week.

The waves - and the watery sunshine - and the fisherman - all made me want to write a poem.  But my poetry writing days seem to be over.

However, I have heard from my young publisher, and it seems that my short(ish) story may now be going to be published as a novella!  I have been filling in Forms about myself and my writing.   Which makes it feel real. And I will certainly be keeping the blog posted.

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