Saturday, 28 March 2015

A Tyreing Day

There was a terrible noise as I parked the car today (on my way to the Field Service group) and when Jean and I got out we saw that one of my tyres had gone!   A great start to the day.  I went glumly in to phone Colin, but two of my brothers nobly got out there and changed the tyre for me.  It wasn't easy but they did it.

I thought I had driven over a bottle, as there was glass lying around, but Lloyd said no, I had hit the kerb.   It seems strange as I never manage to get anywhere near the kerb when parking, and I hadn't this time. I was miles away.  But there was a kind of metal grate fitted into the kerb, and I suppose if I hit that, at the wrong angle....  anyway, I feel I have given everyone a lot of trouble and now we have to get a new tyre fitted, as the spare is really only a temporary stop gap.

Got back glumly to break the ungood news to Captain B, got us a soup lunch, and then hurtled off for the Hall Cleaning. We are giving it a deep clean today, as it is the Memorial on Friday, and then a wash and brush up on Friday, after the Thursday night meeting.

It has been grey, cold and rainy all day, and the Channel has some big waves.  Looks like March will be going out like a lion - as it came in like a lamb.

Off to Jack's for supper tonight.

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