Thursday, 26 March 2015

Fear of Flying

News all day of the latest terrible aircrash, in which it seem as if the co-pilot may have deliberately flown himself and 149 others into a mountain in the French Alps    I say "may have", because that is what the black box recorder indicates,but...  can we be 100 per cent certain what happened?   We live in such a devious and twisted world at the moment.

I hope the passengers didn't know until the last moment before the plane hit. But the pilot, trying desperately to get back into the flight cabin and save the plane, did know...  they could hear him,on the black box recorder, trying to get his co-pilot to unlock the door and let him in - I think he was even trying to break the door down.    Safety measures worked against passengers and crew in this case, as the door was locked and strengthened as a precaution against hi-jackers, and the co-pilot, for whatever reason, would not let the Captain back in.

Surely Jehovah will remember all those killed on the mountain and wake them from the dreamless sleep of death when the time comes for the resurrection.

It was lovely to have the meeting to go to tonight, to be reminded that the world was not meant to be like this, and that it will not be like this for much longer. And to be reminded that there is hope that all those who died on the mountain are not lost.  

I did not get out on the work this morning.  Not only was it pouring with rain, but I was exhausted, and feeling somewhat depressed.  Col took me out to the Garden Centre, and we had a walk along the beach. I wish I could convey how beautiful the Sussex sky was - and the Channel - and the sound of the waves beating and beating on the beach.

Yesterday was a cooking day. I shopped at Waitrose, and then made a big carrot cake - a large chicken casserole, mediterranean style, 3 days worth - and two batches of veggie soup.

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