Monday, 9 March 2015

The Zimmer Twins

Jean and I just about managed an hour on the preaching work on Saturday. We finished our territory, working with 2 other pairs of siblings, door to door, in just over half an hour, and then went and did some return visits on the next road, which we had worked on last month.  They were either not at home, or busy, except for one charming lady who said she had enjoyed reading the February mags, took March, and would like April.

She said she had never stopped to wonder what it is that Jesus saved us from - and why and how.  If she reads the articles in the March Watchtower she will find it explained, clearly and simply

Col and I went for a walk along Ferring Rife today. It was a cold grey day - but I love all weathers.   Obviously, no butterflies, and not all that many birds.  The ground was really wet and muddy.

Talking of weather, I have been re-reading Nick Ward's "Left for Dead".   As a young man he was the last sailor rescued during the 1978 Fastnet Race disaster.   15 sailors died, including two on Grimalkin, the boat Nick was sailing on.

The weather gave them a warning that a fearsome storm was on the way.  But it wasn't read correctly, except by one French weather station.

In the chapter "Ochre Sky" Nick Ward says this:  
"It was then that I noticed the combination of colours in the sky - reds, oranges and ochres, weird but exquisite, unlike anything I had seen before.  The reds reminded me of colours I'd seen in a Rothko oil painting. I joined Matt, Mike and Dave on the windward rail looking intently to the west, all of us transfixed by the beauty of this skyline. With sunset not due until around 8.30pm, I was baffled by the colour scheme this deep orange sun created in the sky so early in the day."

It is a gripping read.

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