Friday, 6 March 2015

The Team of Jane and Sue

We rode out from the Kingdom Hall in good time yesterday, and did an hour and half, with Jane kindly giving me a coffee and a sit down halfway through in her lovely conservatory. I still need to stop and rest a lot.  We also did a couple of return visits.  And had a very good talk with one lady.

I was quite late back, having assumed that Captain Butterfly would have flittered off out into the sunshine with his cameras,and his packed lunch.  I had left the window open for him.  But he was at home when I got back.  Thankfully, I had made a large chicken and veggie casserole yesterday, so it was just a question of heating portions in the microwave for our lunch.

The meeting last night was excellent - lots of experiences, some of them funny, about witnessing via intercom.  Not easy.  One sister in Japan called regularly on one householder for two and a half years, all the time talking to her through the intercom system at her flats, never seeing her.   But she is now conducting a Bible study - face to face.   It made me wonder if I should call back on my talking gate, where I left the little tract.

It is a sisters' lunch at the local pub today.  Seventeen of us I believe. Tammy has been organising tables.   And the campaign to deliver the invitations to the Memorial of Jesus' death, on Friday 3rd April, starts tomorrow. I am picking up Jean and will drive her to the group and we will work together.

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